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Commitment to Corporate Compliance
  • Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Canada (MTP-CA) is committed to conducting its affairs in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. MTP-CA’s Compliance Program aims to ensure that all aspects of MTP-CA’s business operate at the highest ethical standards. To that end, MTP-CA has equipped its Compliance Program with the resources and authority necessary to discharge MTP-CA ‘s duties and responsibilities.

    MTP-CA’s Compliance Program has been designed in accordance with applicable laws and the Innovative Medicines Canada Code of Ethical Practices. The Compliance Program aims to prevent violations of law and company policy, and as necessary, to detect and resolve such potential violations. Regular monitoring, auditing and updating help ensure that the Compliance Program continues to operate at the highest ethical standards as business activities and endeavors change.

    All MTP-CA personnel are expected to contribute to compliance and receive training on an ongoing basis. Thus, MTP-CA encourages an open-door environment, offers a confidential compliance hotline (1-877-564-9624) and remains dedicated to anti-retaliation protections for all MTP-CA personnel.

Written Policies and Procedures
  • MTP-CA ‘s Code of Conduct reflects the principles of corporate responsibility and integrity that all MTP-CA personnel must strive to embody. As such, all MTP-CA personnel must certify that she or he has read and agrees to abide by those principles as they are further enumerated in MTP-CA’ s written policies and procedures.

    MTP-CA’s written policies and procedures cover its business activities across a wide array of legal, regulatory and policy perspectives. These policies and procedures are provided to MTP-CA personnel and those who contract with MTP­CA, including third-parties.

Effective Training and Education
  • MTP-CA believes in a culture of compliance, so in that spirit, MTP-CA provides regular training and compliance education to MTP-CA personnel. This includes comprehensive new-hire training, yearly update training as required and online access to compliance training and corporate policies.
Effective Lines of Communication
  • MTP-CA has an open-door policy that encourages MTP-CA personnel to be forthright in discussing any concerns, problems, suggestions or other issues with supervisors, managers, human resources personnel or the Compliance Office without fear of retaliation and with the assurance that maintaining the confidentiality of information relating to an investigation will be given high priority.

    MTP-CA personnel are encouraged to direct compliance-related questions or concerns to their supervisor, Human Resources, the Legal Department or the Compliance Office. Moreover, MTP-CA offers a confidential compliance hotline (1-877-564-9624) that allows anyone – regardless of whether employed by MTP­CA or not to raise concerns anonymously and in a confidential manner.

Internal Monitoring and Auditing
  • Internal auditing and monitoring serve as fundamental components of MTP-CA’s Compliance Program. These processes provide MTP-CA with tools to prevent deviations and compliance issues before they start, or detect deviations and compliance issues and facilitate the appropriate response. MTP-CA is committed to monitoring and auditing activities each year.
  • MTP-CA’s corporate policies and procedures, including MTP-CA’s Code of Conduct, make it clear that there will be consequences for failure to adhere to MTP-CA’s compliance mission – including potential termination of employment. MTP­CA’s corporate policies and procedures are published and made available for all MTP-CA personnel.
Prompt Response & Corrective Actions
  • MTP-CA’s Compliance Program ensures that compliance deviations or issues will be reviewed and investigated in a timely and complete manner. If necessary after completion of an investigation, MTP-CA will take the appropriate corrective action, which may include in some instances termination of employment as well as reporting to the relevant governmental authority.